Maybe nobody fits better to the SUNRISE topic than the Brazilian twins OS GEMEOS. Their pieces and huge mural productions take the viewer on a trip to their own world, where they have created a beautiful and unreal reality what remind us of the hours between night and day. With the power[...] read complete interview

TMD Crew

Many crews in the graffiti game are bound together because they follow the same goal like getting their name up but after a time the members go seperated ways. The TMD Crew from New Zealand is different from that. Since 1996, they stand for a healthy and long-lasting force in the writing scene because[...] read complete interview


First of all, let's play the police officer vs. writer game. We need the following information for our (fancy-)files: - Your tag? HULK ‒ VS team - Where are you from? Brussels, Belgium - For how long have you been writing graffiti? At which age did you start? I have[...] read complete interview


HOW and NOSM. These names belong together, as well with each other as with graffiti itself. There are just a very few graffiti writers in this world, who spread their names further. Many have been there, but just a very few dared to jump into the Mekka of graffiti New York City and became established.[...] read complete interview


Quite some issues have been released since the last time AKUT had answered our questions about his much discussed crew MA'CLAIM in 2004. And HERA’s roughly painted characters have brought variety into many issues of our magazine, adding life to our letter-style dominated pages. But who could have[...] read complete interview


As time goes by, trends come and go, crews are born, hit it the hardest and break up again, there are a few constants in graffiti culture. A good axample for this are the TOPDOGS from Sweden. As a crew since 1997, and even long before that as individuals, they influenced more than one generation of graffiti[...] read complete interview


The great thing about graffiti is that it reinvents itself somehow over and over again. Every time when it feels like something has been there already, someone from somewhere shows up and surprises. Our this-time interview partner SWEETUNO did not invent the wheel, but did anyone ever see some supposedly[...] read complete interview


It does not happen every day that a graffiti writer has his very own style. Of course, it is the aim of everyone, but the difference of the appearance of graffiti pieces can only be recognized by real insiders. What a pity, we think, because graffiti is too young to already repeat itself, and the limit[...] read complete interview


The beginning of an interview is always quite hard – the question after the first question poses itself anew and anew. Mostly you use standard questions like “when?”, “who?”, “how?”, “what?” or “why?”, helping yourself with a portfolio.[...] read complete interview


Even in times of Internet, Myspace, thousands of graff mags and stuff like that, Australia is still pretty an unknown place for European writers. Long time ago, the HYPE magazine reached our territory on quite a regular basis, we can remember buying it at jams approximately 15 years ago – already[...] read complete interview


Here are pseudonyms which stand for their own – no need to be a psychologist to foresee the person behind. For those few of you who missed it: For a long time now, SLAYER has not just stood for smashed hotel rooms. SLAYER smashes cities. Those of you who have already been to Dortmund will nod their[...] read complete interview


GHETTO, KARAT and HEART. Three names and three styles which couldn’t be much more unusual. Unusually fresh! So fresh that they either put a smile on the viewer’s face or provoke criticism. Their pieces can be named anything between retro and madness – if anybody wants to name what they[...] read complete interview